Here you will find some commonly asked questions and answers. Contact us for further information.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes we do deliver to all over the western slope and pricing of course depends on location. Please call for that information.

Q: Do you charge a damage waiver?

A: We do not charge a damage waiver like other rental yards. Our coverage policy for all of our equipment is simple. We cover normal wear and tear damages (e.g. broken tooth on a bucket, dead battery, damaged hydraulic lines due to wear areas) however the renter is responsible for damages that occur to the machine outside of acts of god.


Q: Do you do custom hauling?

A: We now offer custom hauling at an hourly rate and of course only loads legal to haul in accordance with the C.D.O.T.

Q: Do you rent trailers with your equipment?

A: We do rent trailers for most of our equipment such as skid loaders mini excavators scissor lifts etc. However some of our equipment is too large to be hauled safely on the smaller trailers.

Q: Can I hire you to do the work for me?

A: Unfortunately we do cannot do your job for you, it is a conflict of interest for us and our insurance does not allow it. However we will take all the time that is needed to make you feel comfortable in the operation of the equipment you wish to rent before we send it out with you. If you are not comfortable with doing the job yourself we can recommend many qualified contractors to help you complete your task.

Q: Do you charge a cleaning fee?

A: We do charge a cleaning fee of $35 or more for equipment that is returned in a manner than is deemed unacceptable to the staff. This decision is left up to the discretion of the staff but if you are concerned you should probably give it a quick wash if at all possible.

Q: What is your minimum rental for any given piece of equipment?

A: Most of our equipment has a four hour minimum with a very select few of our largest machines having a minimum of eight hours. If you have questions about which ones please call.

Q: What is the length of rents you offer?

A: The lengths of rents we offer are: Half day-four hours on the clock, or four hours on the hour meter Full day-twenty-four hours on the clock, or eight hours on the hour meter Week-one calendar week (7 days), or fourty hours on the hour meter Month-four calendar weeks (28 days), no hour restriction Open ended- no time restriction, no hour restriction

Q: Are you open on Saturday?

A: We are open on Saturday by appointment only we are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. If you are in need of equipment over the weekend just ask about our weekend rates.

Q: Do I refuel the machine or do you?

A: We always encourage our customers to refuel the machines; however we can fuel them back up for a fee of $6 per gallon.